Sites of community importance

The project areas are almost entirely located in the National Park Eifel, 65 km southwest from Cologne, Germany, in the Nationalpark Eifel.

They include:

  • the forest of the Kermeter (a high part of the northern Eifel),
  • the streams and valleys of the Dreiborner Hochfläche (former military training area Vogelsang) and
  • the floodwater meadows of the streams Püngelbach and Wüstebach as well as upper section of the stream Erkensruhr in the regions of Dedenborn and Wahlerscheid.

The three project areas are part of the NATURA 2000 transnational network of areas specially protected for wildlife. The network stretches throughout the European Union. The NATURA designation, plus the protection given by the National Park declaration, provides a platform on which true wilderness conditions can be re-established in the Eifel. Before human activities disturbed the natural dynamic balance of the area, it was characterized by natural forest and freshwater habitats. In reversing the changes made by man, the project will re-establish large, undisturbed areas of natural forest and freshwater habitats. This enables various rare and threatened species of wildlife to build up stable populations of long duration.